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Financial Daily Dose 5.9.2019 | Top Story: Uber Prices Shares as IPO Looms

BY: Michael D. Reif | May 9, 2019

The latest on Uber’s Friday IPO includes new details on its anticipated pricing, which for now looks to come in at the midpoint of its $44-50/share range [though demand is probably strong enough for the company to shoot for more] – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg Uber’s debut comes with a wave of other tech … Continue reading

Your Daily Dose of Financial News

BY: Michael D. Reif | November 15, 2018

Early reports suggested that although Teresa May’s cabinet wasn’t thrilled, it backed the PM’s Brexit plan, leaving the controversial deal to make its way to Parliament. But the resignation of two Cabinet members—including the Brexit secretary—has thrown the deal, the pound, and her government into chaos – Bloomberg and WSJ And then, there’s Europe.  Which, … Continue reading