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Financial Daily Dose 8.2.2019 | Top Story: White House Threatens More Tariffs on China

BY: Michael D. Reif | August 2, 2019

Jobs Report Friday! Some thoughts on what to look for in the numbers – Bloomberg and WSJ and NYTimes Apparently hoping to urge China off of its new go-slow tactic, the White House is applying its maximum pressure campaign again, announcing yesterday that the US will “impose a 10 percent tariff on an additional $300 … Continue reading

Financial Daily Dose 7.15.2019 | Top Story: FTC Fines Facebook $5 billion Over Privacy Violations

BY: Michael D. Reif | July 15, 2019

Late Friday, the Federal Trade Commission hit Facebook with a $5 billion fine for the social media company’s range of privacy violations over the past few years – NYTimes and Wired and WSJ and Bloomberg The amount is massive, yet the sheer size and power of Facebook is enough that the general consensus is that … Continue reading

Your Daily Dose of Financial News

BY: Michael D. Reif | January 22, 2019

As world economic leaders (sans the U.S. government) gather in Davos this week, China’s economic cooling (coming just “when the world needs its spark”) is both a hot topic of conversation and a cause for concern – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg Puerto Rico is nearing finalization of a mammoth $18 billion in bond restructuring … Continue reading

Your Daily Dose of Financial News

BY: Michael D. Reif | May 4, 2017

The Fed wrapped up its Open Market Committee meeting yesterday without any change in interest rates but with an expression of confidence in the economy, despite Q1’s sub-1 percent growth figure (which it dubbed “transitory”) – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg Puerto Rico’s debt (and massive unfunded pension obligations) top out at more than $120 … Continue reading

Your daily dose of financial news

BY: Michael D. Reif | November 23, 2015

Clocking in at an as-promised $150 billion, the Pfizer/Allergan merger is a done deal, marking one of the biggest ever takeovers in the health care industry.  As mentioned here last week, the deal finalization comes on the heels of the Treasury and IRS announcing new rules aimed at eliminating the tax benefits associated with deals … Continue reading

Your Daily Dose of Financial News

BY: Michael D. Reif | August 4, 2015

Puerto Rico’s officially gone down the old Greek road, defaulting on a $58 million bond payment that represents just a fraction of its current  $72 billion debt load. Unlike Greece, the Times notes, many of Puerto Rico’s bonds are part of everyday investors’ mutual funds’ portfolios, making this debt crisis real in a very different … Continue reading

Your Daily Dose of Financial News

BY: Michael D. Reif | June 30, 2015

For the record, “not a banner day” means a 350 point drop in the Dow on what’s been dubbed “Greek Monday” and continued losses across European markets this morning – WSJ Still, the strengthening US economy should allow it to weather the economic storms abroad this time around – WSJ Andrew Ross Sorkin asks who’s … Continue reading