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Dish Network Scores Early Victory in Copyright Litigation

BY: Michael Kolcun | August 6, 2019

After filing a number of lawsuits, Dish’s effort to combat the piracy of its satellite TV programming is starting to pay off. Just days ago, the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts issued a permanent injunction and awarded Dish $400,000 from a Massachusetts man who was intercepting its broadcasts. As the federal court … Continue reading

Stairway Opens for a Rehearing

BY: Carly Kessler | June 18, 2019

“There’s still time to change the road you’re on,” Led Zeppelin says, hoping a 2016 jury verdict in its favor will be reinstated. On June 10, an 11-judge panel from the Ninth Circuit announced that it would rehear a copyright appeal alleging Led Zeppelin plagiarized the intro of its seminal 1971 hit, “Stairway to Heaven.” … Continue reading

ReDigi Wants a Re-Do at the High Court

BY: Carly Kessler | May 22, 2019

ReDigi, an online platform that allows users to buy and sell pre-owned digital content directly from other consumers, is asking the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling finding that its services were not protected by the Copyright Act’s first sale and fair use doctrines. Have you ever sold old or unworn clothes? Think of ReDigi … Continue reading

I Feel Glorious – Macklemore Overcomes Copyright Suit

BY: Carly Kessler | April 30, 2019

“I feel glorious, glorious,” Macklemore is saying. On Tuesday, April 23, a Louisiana federal judge in the Fifth Circuit dismissed a 2017 lawsuit claiming that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis unlawfully sampled Paul Batiste’s sound recordings. Batiste, a New Orleans jazz musician and member of The Batiste Brothers Band, alleged that Macklemore and Lewis’ songs, “Thrift … Continue reading

SCOTUS Unanimously Holds Copyright Owners Must Obtain Registration Before Filing Suit

BY: Michael Kolcun | March 6, 2019

The Supreme Court has finally resolved the application v. registration debate by holding the Copyright Act obligates an owner to obtain a registration for their work before filing an infringement action. As reported here, Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. Wall-Street.com thrust the Eleventh Circuit into a dispute that has split numerous Circuits:  whether the … Continue reading

“Let’s Get It On” to a Jury – Ed Sheeran Goes to Trial

BY: Carly Kessler | January 11, 2019

The year didn’t start on a high note for Ed Sheeran. Back in 2016, Sheeran was sued by the heirs of “Let’s Get It On” (LGO) co-writer, Ed Townsend, who accused Sheeran of copying several elements of LGO in his 2014 hit, “Thinking Out Loud” (TOL).  Sheeran tried to get the suit thrown out on … Continue reading

Fresh Prince Star Sues Fortnite and NBA 2K over the Carlton Dance

BY: Michael Kolcun | December 21, 2018

After we reported their recent controversy over the Milly Rock, Fornite’s creators were hit with another suit for using the Carlton Dance, as were the makers of NBA 2K16. Alfonso Ribeiro – best known as Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – claims the creators of Fortnite and NBA 2K16 are ripping off … Continue reading

Fortnite Creators Sued for Infringing Rapper’s Dance Moves

BY: Michael Kolcun | December 13, 2018

After claiming the most popular video game ever was biting his moves, rapper 2 Milly brought a copyright suit to protect the Milly Rock. In his complaint, 2 Milly argues Epic Games infringed his copyright in the “Milly Rock” dance craze that has garnered 18 million views on YouTube and has been emulated by celebrities, … Continue reading

Taylor Swift Sets New Norms for Artists

BY: Carly Kessler | November 29, 2018

Taylor Swift just signed a new record deal that will likely influence the ways in which other artists negotiate with labels. On November 19, the 28-year-old megastar, said goodbye to her longtime label Big Machine Records, and partnered with Universal Music Group’s (“UMG”) Republic Records. Big Machine, based in Nashville, Tennessee, has released all of … Continue reading

The Second Circuit Calls a False Start on NFL Photographer Litigation

BY: Michael Kolcun | September 13, 2018

Just after the close of an eventful Week 1, the NFL was hit with the revival of an extensive lawsuit claiming it wrongfully exploited thousands of game-day photos without permission or payment. Spinelli v. NFL, No. 17-673 (2d Cir. Sept. 11, 2018) was brought by a group of photographers who allege that the AP – … Continue reading