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Financial Daily Dose 8.7.2019 | Top Story: Novartis Hid Altered Drug Test Data From FDA

BY: Michael D. Reif | August 7, 2019

A new report out Tuesday from the Food & Drug Administration reveals that drug maker Novartis “concealed manipulated data” from the agency “while applying for approval of an extremely expensive gene therapy treatment and then delayed reporting the issue.” Still, the FDA is keeping Zolgensma, the drug in question, on the market – NYTimes and … Continue reading

Financial Daily Dose 7.2.2019 | Top Story: OPEC Nations Cut Production into 2020

BY: Michael D. Reif | July 2, 2019

OPEC nations met yesterday and agreed to continue their production cutting goals into 2020 in an effort to, according to the experts, “prop[] up prices while demand for oil is weakening” – NYTimes and Bloomberg Beverage giant AB InBev is launching a massive Hong Kong-based IPO for its Asia Pacific beer unit that’s expected to … Continue reading

Cash is King: Full Satisfaction of a Claim Precludes Contested Confirmation and Further Litigation by Creditors

BY: Kevin Meek | September 8, 2016

“It’s all about the Benjamins” – Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs Can a creditor continue to pursue litigation against a debtor and contest confirmation of a Chapter 11 plan after the debtor satisfies the creditor’s asserted claim in full?  A recent bankruptcy court decision held that a creditor cannot refuse to accept full payment of its … Continue reading