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Your Daily Dose of Financial News

BY: Michael D. Reif | March 8, 2019

Jobs Report Friday! Here’s what to watch as you’re sorting through the numbers this morning – WSJ and Marketplace and Bloomberg and NYTimes With their concerted effort to address market uncertainty through major foreshadowing, it’s rare these days that central banks can truly surprise. And yet, Mario Draghi and the ECB managed to do just … Continue reading

Your daily dose of financial news

BY: Michael D. Reif | June 29, 2016

US stocks bounced back after 2 days of Brexit hangover, buoyed by encouraging economic news at home and a jump in US home prices – NYTimes and WSJ With the Great Recession as our go-to economic disaster reference point from now on, the Upshot asks whether the Brexit is another Lehman Brothers moment.  Economically, the … Continue reading