Financial Daily Dose 9.9.2019 | Top Story: Fed on Track to Cut Rates Again in September

Building Demolition

Friday remarks from Fed Chair Powell in Zurich confirmed the central bank’s dedication to keeping the US economic expansion on track and appear to have signaled the Fed’s plan to cut interest rates for a second time this year – NYTimes and WSJ

Last week’s jobs numbers don’t appear to significantly alter that plan – WSJ

New trouble for WeWork’s impending public offering, with corporate governance concerns—“including adequate oversight of top executives”—and a mess of potential conflicts of interest further complicating an already rocky rollout – WSJ and Bloomberg

A two-day pilot strike at British Airways is affecting nearly 1600 flights and will likely cost the carrier upwards of $100 million – Bloomberg

Big Tech has the dubious honor of being so odious at the moment that it’s actually united the left and the right, having drawn the recent ire of both parties at both the state and federal level – NYTimes and Law360

Here’s what regulators may look to do to the biggest of the Big – NYTimes

Purdue Pharma is reportedly in talks with the DOJ to settle criminal and civil probes “related to its prescription painkiller OxyContin,” investigations that have been ongoing since at least 2017 – WSJ

At the same time, a breakdown in talks between Purdue and state attorneys general may hasten the drugmaker’s inevitable bankruptcy filing – Bloomberg

Some Law360 analysis on what the FTC’s historic $170 million YouTube fine—all criticism aside—means for the future of COPPA enforcement – Law360

A new report out from China Labor Watch, a nonprofit advocacy group, accuses Apple and its partner Foxconn of violating Chinese labor laws by “using too many temporary staff” in the production of iPhones. The group’s timed its findings just ahead of Apple’s anticipated launch tomorrow of a new spate of iPhones – Bloomberg

NPR has tapped Voice of America chief John Lansing, a former cable exec who has helmed the U.S. Agency for Global Media for the past 5 years, as its new leader “after years of growth and internal turmoil” – NYTimes

A pretty wild look at what the world of stats can and can’t tell us when it comes to making the p-value work beyond a spreadsheet – NewYorker


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