Financial Daily Dose 7.31.2019 | Top Story: Fed Likely to Cut Interest Rates

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At this point, pretty much everyone on Wall Street is expecting the Fed to cut interest rates as its FOMC meeting breaks later today. Some thoughts on what’s likely to happen and how the Street could react to the news – MarketWatch and NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

Even as trade talks between the US and China wrapped up in Shanghai, the White House “lashed out” at China, “taking credit for weakening [its] economy and downplaying the likelihood of a deal” in the next year while trying to ratchet up pressure for a deal that seems further off than ever – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and Law360

Speaking of the trade war, one byproduct of the dispute is the increasing shift of tech manufacturing and assembly away from China and into Vietnam, with Samsung leading the way and Apple heading in the same direction – NYTimes

In the face of US blacklisting, Huawei’s first-half of 2019 results show a company thriving, even as it warned that tougher times are likely ahead thanks to its questionable access to US tech – WSJ

Capital One Financial’s love of the cloud (and new tech, generally) has come back to bite it in the worst possible public way – Bloomberg and WSJ

Hollywood PR behemoths PMK-BNC and Rogers & Cowan, though already owned by the same entity—Interpublic Group—are preparing to join forces, “creating a combined firm with more than 500 clients as competition form boutique publicity agencies intensifies” – NYTimes

The Journal lays out for us the bleak but probably inevitable link between natural disasters and risk-loving house flippers and their investors – WSJ

Those of us of a certain vintage will remember well the debut of The Blair Witch Project and its viral status in an era before viral was quite so commonplace. Here’s a look back at the film and its making, 20 years on – NYTimes


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