Financial Daily Dose 7.2.2019 | Top Story: OPEC Nations Cut Production into 2020


OPEC nations met yesterday and agreed to continue their production cutting goals into 2020 in an effort to, according to the experts, “prop[] up prices while demand for oil is weakening” – NYTimes and Bloomberg

Beverage giant AB InBev is launching a massive Hong Kong-based IPO for its Asia Pacific beer unit that’s expected to raise upwards of $9.8 billion. Trading will begin on July 19 – Bloomberg and WSJ

We’re far from clear on how the new life breathed into U.S./China trade talks this weekend will actually play out, but that relative uncertainty didn’t keep Wall Street from joining global markets in deeming it a very good development – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and MarketWatch

The return to bullishness, however temporary, has many thinking about what the Fed must do to “extend the life” of this now record-long economic expansion – Bloomberg and MarketWatch

Apple design chief Jony Ive announced his official departure from the company just last week, but as the Journal tells it, his off-ramping has been a nearly decade-long process after the death of former CEO Steve Jobs – WSJ

Deutsche Bank is reportedly feeling out European regulators to see if they’re willing to lower the bank’s capital cushion to “help finance its impending restructuring” as CEO Christian Sewing continues to do what he can to turn things around for Germany’s biggest bank – Bloomberg

All the while, in a London courtroom, Serious Fraud Office prosecutors accused the bank’s top rate submission exec, Andreas Hauschild, of having knowledge “that colleagues were conspiring to manipulate the Euro Interbank Offered rate, known as Euribor” – Law360

Home security company Monitronics has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in bankruptcy court in Texas with plans to cut its $885 million in debt down to size – Law360

Fixed-income ETFs crossed the $1 trillion threshold in June, a rather remarkable feat for a financial product that “didn’t even exist” 20 years ago as part of “an ascendance that has reshaped the market in which countries and companies raise money to pay their bills” – WSJ

The SEC has approved a Nasdaq proposal that would raise so-called Reg A+ standards by requiring companies going public under those auspices to “have at least two years’ operating history”—an acknowledgment of the troubled past (involving Longfin, for one) of this mini-IPO route – Law360

Some background on Brex Inc, the 2-year-old fintech startup recently valued at $2.6 billion, as well as its unlikely co-founding duo of Stanford dropouts  – Bloomberg

As we unpack the details of Zuck’s crypto venture, Libra, we’re learning more about the potential increased regulatory risks that the digital currency’s early backers, including Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal, may have inadvertently welcomed upon themselves – Bloomberg

No cash? Voice-recognition banker? Monopoly—do we even really know you at all anymore? – Marketplace


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