Financial Daily Dose 7.1.2019 | Top Story: US and China Pledge to Resume Trade Talks


The US and China agreed to resume trade talks after a  7-week hiatus, “averting for now an escalation of their multibillion-dollar tariff war that has roiled global markets and threatened the future of the world’s two largest economies.” An easing of the White House’s Huawei restrictions and China’s agreement to “buy a ‘tremendous amount’ of American food and agricultural products” helped get the countries back to the table – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and MarketWatch

The Times suggests that an actual trade truce (and agreement) between the nations “could further cement a broad reshuffling of the global economic order that undermines China’s decades-long role as the world’s factory floor” – NYTimes

The DOJ is reportedly expanding its Boeing inquiry beyond the 737 Max and into its production of the 787 Dreamliner, thanks in no small part to a Times investigative article about trouble at Boeing’s Washington and South Carolina factories – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

The Journal takes a look at the pernicious trend of companies saddling interns with noncompete, nondisclosure and forced arbitration agreements—requirements that critics argue “hamper young people’s job opportunities and mobility even before they get a foot on the career ladder” – WSJ

A Second Circuit panel didn’t appear to have much time for Martin Shkreli’s primary theory in seeking to overturn his 7-year prison sentence—that the trial judge had improperly instructed the jury  on what they must find regarding his intent to defraud—which doesn’t portend well for the Pharma Bro – Law360

Deutsche Bank, still in a state of disarray and down a staggering 95% in market value, is kicking around something of a last-ditch effort to turn itself around with “the potential elimination of up to 20,000 jobs worldwide and largely shutting entire divisions of the company’s ailing Wall Street operations” – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

A Sunday feature on an oversized Subway and franchisees who have borne the brunt of a company that grew too fast and left them  in a mess – NYTimes

Motel 6 has reached an agreement with a group of “unidentified victims of ICE interrogation and deportation,” paying $10 million after sharing its guest lists of “Latino-sending names” to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement – Bloomberg

Theranos’ ex-top duo—Elizabeth Holmes and COO Sunny Balwani—are on track for an August 2020 trial date on criminal charges that they “lied to investors and doctors about the now-defunct blood testing startup’s product capabilities” – Law360

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment maker Applied Materials Inc. will pony up $2.2 billion to buy rival Kokusai Electric Corp. from investment firm KKR – WSJ

Pretty sweet little Mashable piece here on one of the areas that YouTube’s often controversial recommendation algorithm tends to get right: use as a music-discovery tool. In other words, let’s hop down the rabbit hole, friends – Mashable


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