Financial Daily Dose 6.24.2019 | Top Story: All Top US Banks Pass Fed’s Recent Stress Tests With Ease


Survived the road trip with flying colors, and now we’re back at it.  Let’s get caught up.

Good news for the country’s biggest banks, as the Fed confirmed on Friday that all “could weather an extreme market shock—including double-digit unemployment and a 50% U.S. stocks decline—and still have enough capital to continue operating.” In other words, all passed this year’s round of stress tests with ease, despite “one of the toughest stress-test scenarios yet” – WSJ and Law360

The Fed also exempted 17 financial institutions from this year’s round of testing – Marketplace

Well, yeah, with Bitcoin once again over $10k, we’re going to call it a comeback. Here’s why investors think this is different from the bubble that burst late last year (and what Facebook’s move into the crypto space—Libra—has to do with it) – WSJ and Bloomberg and MarketWatch

And since we’re talking Libra, here’s the latest, including 5 things we know and don’t know about Zuck’s new baby – Bloomberg and MarketWatch

A collection of big-name music artists ranging from Hole to the estates to Tom Petty and Tupac Shakur has sued Universal Music Group “over a 2008 fire that destroyed thousands of archived recordings but, according to the lawsuit, was never disclosed” to the musicians – NYTimes and Law360

The latest obstacle for many first-time homebuyers goes beyond just finding that perfect starter home and into the realm of beating out investors “fueled by Wall Street capital” who are looking to get in on the Chip & Joanna fixer upper game – NYTimes

Backed by activist Carl Icahn, Eldorado Resorts made a $8.6 billion bid for Caesars Entertainment Corp. this morning in an effort to create the largest U.S. gaming operator – Bloomberg and WSJ

Toys R Us is plotting a comeback that, if all goes according to plan, could drop just in time for holiday shopping – Bloomberg

The Times gets in the legal weeds a bit to consider what antitrust law overhauls may be necessary to take a bite out of Big Tech – NYTimes (and MarketWatch)

More from regional Fed chiefs last week—including Mpls’ Neel Kashkari—making the case for cutting interest rates much sooner rather than later in order to address stagnant inflation and global risks – NYTimes and Bloomberg

New York federal Judge Paul Gardephe cited the 2d Circuit’s landmark Newman case in vacating the guilty plea of former SAC Capital portfolio manager on insider trading charges, “saying the plea was insufficient given subsequent developments in insider trading law” – Law360

The Journal considers the long, long road to recovery for victims of Ponzi schemes, including the status of several high-profile crisis-era Ponzi busts that are still kicking around in bankruptcy courts – WSJ

Turns out I’m far from the only one trying to soak up all of this summer’s Women’s World Cup – WSJ


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