Financial Daily Dose 5.13.2019 | Top Story: Uber Shares Diving

Building Demolition

True, the economic headwinds weren’t its fault, but boy—not a banner debut for Uber after years of speculation and waiting – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and Marketplace and Law360

And that meant an equally rough patch for SoftBank, which has lost more than $9 billion in value since booking a $3.8 billion gain from its Uber stake on Thursday night – Bloomberg

A long view of Friday’s move by the US to raise tariffs again on China, even as trade talks continue suggests the current tit-for-tats could easily be the opening stage of a decades-long economic conflict – NYTimes and Bloomberg and MarketWatch

For its part, Beijing is holding steady for now after the U.S.’s Friday increase out of concern for harming its own economy – WSJ and Bloomberg

Federal prosecutors have asked Federal Judge Ann M. Donnelly to remove the lead lawyer for Huawei Technologies’ in the DOJ’s bank fraud case against the Chinese tech giant  “because the government believes his previous work for it poses a conflict of interest.” Huawei’s lawyer—former DAG James M. Cole—was a top DOJ prosecutor from 2010-2015 – NYTimes and Law360

Some additional analysis of the CFPB’s move last week proposing a new package of debt collection regulations, including “banning debt collectors from suing or threating to sue over debt that’s past its expiration date” – Law360

A booming U.S. economy appears to finally be paying some dividends for blue-collar workers (though not always in actual cash), as companies are rolling out amenities like flex time to keep workers happy – WSJ

N.D. Cal. Judge Charles Breyer expressed serious concern last week about the SEC’s pace in its current action against VW, calling himself “totally mystified” by how long the agency took to “sue Volkswagen over its emissions scandal” – Law360

The White House is reportedly considering conservative economist Judy Shelton, currently U.S. executive director for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, for one of the openings on the Fed Board – Bloomberg and MarketWatch

We might (might) just be past snow showers here in the North, which means that wedding season is upon us in earnest again and venues around  the country will be ringing with Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Here’s how the hundreds-year-old piece came to assume its unlikely role as a processional mainstay – NYTimes


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