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Zuck and Co. are launching a major platform redesign as Facebook attempts to move beyond years of privacy-related scandals and promote group-based communications rather than the public-square newsfeed – NYTimes and WSJ and MarketWatch and Bloomberg

The latest on the White House’s Fed Board pick Stephen Moore’s chances to join the central bank, a less-than-certain affair at the moment – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

Turns out Mr. Buffett’s gone and got himself all bound up in the Occidental/Anadarko maneuverings, thanks to a $10 billion investment in the former’s recent bid for the latter – WSJ and Bloomberg and Law360

Tesla will dramatically cut prices in hopes of regaining “its status as the nation’s leading rooftop solar company,” a title it lost last year – NYTimes

Monday’s sluggish earnings report helped drive Alphabet stock way down yesterday [WSJ], while Apple softened the blow of decreased profit with news of a higher dividend and a massive forthcoming buyback plan – WSJ and Bloomberg and NYTimes

We told you this was coming with Insta’s work on a more seamless buying experience, and we now have a better look at the “future of e-commerce” that enables influencers to directly funnel followers to the buying process via Instagram’s new “Checkout” function – NYTimes

The OCC is out with its new Innovation Pilot Program for fintech companies, the long-awaited sandbox that allows banks under its “regulatory umbrella an opportunity to run small-scale, early-stage trials for new fintech-powered products and services in consultation with the agency” – Law360

Exercise-craze-inducing company Peloton is taking to the courts in an effort to keep its users pedaling to the beatz of the moment by suing a set of music publishers and industry trade orgs, “alleging they engaged in anticompetitive behavior by banding together to extract unfair licensing terms for music used on Peloton’s video-streaming stationary exercise bikes” – WSJ and Law360

The White House is taking its usual hands-off approach as the Fed prepares to wrap its April meetings today – Bloomberg and NYTimes

The Library of Congress is celebrating the centennial of Children’s Book Week by making a new collection of very old kids’ books available online.  Fascinating (and at times troubling and revealing) stuff that’s worth a spin – NYTimes


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