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Pinterest has set a price range of $15 to $17 a share for its IPO roadshow today that “will value the company below its last private-market peg of $12 billion.” The company also plans to attempt “the sunset version of dual-class stock”  – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and MarketWatch

Some reaction to Friday’s pretty solid jobs numbers, a “reversion to the norm” that saw the economy adding 196,000 jobs and the unemployment rate holding steady at 3.8% – Marketplace

The Journal pulls back the curtain on “Sift scores,” the rating system used by “startups and established companies alike . . . to help guard against credit-card and other forms of fraud.” So we’re talking about something like a credit score but for “overall trustworthiness”—though there’s “no way to find out your Sift score” – WSJ

Recent unconventional White House picks for the Federal Reserve Board have prompted the Upshot to think hard about the risks involved if the Fed, too, becomes “as partisan as the rest of Washington” – NYTimes

A deep dive into the rather unheralded but nonetheless impressive nearly 30-year old economic miracle going on in Australia—a country that’s shown “remarkable resilience” during a stretch that’s seen it go 28 years without a recession – NYTimes

In one of the first signs of tangible fallout from the 737 Max 8 scandal, Boeing revealed on Friday that it will cut production of that line by 1/5 and also “appointed a special board committee to examine its development of new planes” – WSJ and Bloomberg

MMT: firmly at home in the far left and, yes really, in prominent corners of Wall Street – NYTimes

Law360 helps us understand what some of the ripple effects from last week’s mid-trial acquittal of software exec Jitesh Thakkar on spoofing conspiracy charges could be for the CFTC and prosecutors going after accused spoofers – Law360

US/China trade talks ended last week without a deal but with an agreement to continue talks in “various ways” – Bloomberg

Federal Judge Richard Leon announced on Friday that he’ll be holding an evidentiary hearing for objectors to the DOJ’s approval of the $70 billion CVS/Aetna, a “highly unusual move that threatens to shake up the already-consummated deal” – WSJ

Digging in deeper to the wave of money-laundering scandals that have rocked formerly squeaky-clean Scandinavian banks like Danske Bank and Swedbank and called into question AML practices across the region and beyond – NYTimes

High-tech trading company Jane Street, a firm “known for its dominance of the exchange traded fund market,” is breaking new ground by heading into the corporate bond market—territory “long controlled by Wall Street banks” – WSJ

Interesting weekend read on the connection between the food we eat and our mental health. Welcome to the world of nutritional psychiatry, folks – NYTimes


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