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Demolition of an old house

Just months after Whole Foods raised prices on certain items after an initial Amazon-pushed lowering, Bezos & Co. are planning cuts on “hundreds of items” as early as this week in an effort to “change the chain’s high-cost image amid intense competition among grocers” – WSJ and Bloomberg

While the political saga that is Brexit continues, apparently endlessly, for many British-based companies, the reality of the country’s departure from the EU is an every-day thing – NYTimes

What goes up must come down, right? And so after killing it on Friday, Lyft’s newly public shares hit some MN-sized potholes to start the week – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

Slack, which announced recently its plans to follow Spotify’s lead and opt for a direct-listing IPO, announced yesterday that it will do so on the NYSE – WSJ

The Labor Department is out with a new proposal that would have major ripple effects in the world of franchising by limiting “claims against big companies for employment-law violations by franchisees or contractors.” The measure, which is subject to a 60-day comment period, could affect millions of workers by altering the current joint-employer criteria – NYTimes and Law360

Zuck came out over the weekend with a plan for the U.S. government to regulate Facebook. Critics, and there were many, were un-wowed. Here are some thoughts on why – Marketplace

Sentencing on Monday in London for two former Barclays traders saw prison terms of 4 and 5 years for a duo convicted of conspiring to rig Euribor in the SFO’s retrial on those charges. The jury acquitted a junior trader on similar claims – Law360

Our dispatch from the spoofing trial of a software exec who allegedly built the software that allowed commodities trader Navinder Sarao to cause the 2010 “Flash Crash” that momentarily pushed the Dow to a 1000-point drop – Law360

As week two of high-level trade talks between the US and China kick off in Beijing, we look at the two-sidedness of a key element of an emerging deal: China’s promise to buy more American goods. While theoretically good for market-opening purposes, the result could be a China with even more trade (and economic) leverage over the U.S. – NYTimes

For any of you who grew up on the Warrior and Jake the Snake and Rowdy Roddy like I did, you’ll want to give a few minutes for this John Oliver piece on the devastating approach that the WWE has taken with the health care of their stars—especially with Wrestlemania just around the corner – LastWeekTonight


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