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After weeks of regular negotiations (and months of back-and-forth before that), the rough outlines of a broad US/China trade deal are starting to take shape.  Early reports look like the end of US tariffs in exchange for better IP protection for American companies and more Chinese purchasing of American products – Bloomberg and NYTimes and WSJ

Newly disclosed Lyft IPO documents have given analysts their first true look at the inner workings of the Uber rival, and they show “a company experiencing sharp growth, but also ballooning spending” – WSJ and Bloomberg

Quite the feature in the weekend’s Times on what Hollywood did to the previously (and famously) disciplined Jeff Bezos, and what his position “at the center of an honest-to-God melodrama, full of salacious revelations, family betrayals and international intrigue” means for the Amazon empire he’s carefully curated over the past 2+ decades – NYTimes

And since we’re talking Bezos biz, why not mention Amazon’s foray into its own (non-Whole-Foods-branded) grocery stores, which the company plans to open by the dozens in several major US markets by as early as the end of this year – WSJ and Bloomberg

We’ve got your Big Billy Gross exit interview because hey, why not just a bit more Bond King attention just for old times’ sake – Bloomberg

Wells Fargo has asked a California federal judge to sign off on a $240 million deal between its execs and shareholders to resolve a two-year-old derivative suit “over the bank’s fraudulent account scandal” – Law360

Huawei’s been featured in the Dose nearly daily since late last year. Marketplace helps us understand why there’s not an American version of the wireless networking gear titan that we could be talking about instead – Marketplace

Small-town banks have enough on their plates these days trying to compete against the financial services behemoths while keeping the lights on. Another rising challenge—customers demanding high-tech services from their local lenders—is only making their job that much harder – WSJ

Huawei’s going on the offensive – NYTimes

Here’s quite the long-read on Jordan Goodman, the man who dubbed himself “America’s Money Answers Man”—an “18-year veteran of Money magazine and the author of books with his smiling face on the cover” who was busted by the SEC last year for steering investors into a massive Ponzi scheme – NYTimes

Alibaba and Office Depot have announced a partnership, the Chinese behemoth’s first tie-up of its kind with an American brand – MarketWatch, which abruptly severed ties with the US Postal Service in recent weeks, is on the receiving end of an investor-led class action “claiming the company’s business model relied on an annual $235 manipulation” of a USPS reseller program that ultimately led the service to ditch the relationship – Law360

A closer look at what life after Libor is looking like for a range of US-based companies, many of which have a distinctly global reach – WSJ

We all know about the cold-blooded among us and even about those said to have ice water running through their veins. But the clear-blooded? Yep, that’s a thing too (in the Antarctic, at least) – NYTimes


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