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Demolition of an old house

All of that SuperBowling seems to have put activist investor Starboard in the mood for some pizza—specifically, former NFL-partner Papa John’s, which has struggled in the wake of the removal of its founder and namesake John Schnatter – WSJ

Goldman Sachs has begun hinting that fallout from its role in the Malaysian 1MDB scandal may extend to high-ranking execs in the form of docked pay for current CEO David Solomon and his predecessor, Lloyd Blankfein – NYTimes and WSJ

Reactions to the Fed’s major policy shift away from rake hikes, no matter how gradual, and back to stasis – WSJ and NYTimes

In Boston last week, UHG’s Optum division accused a former exec of “removing confidential, proprietary information that could benefit his new employer” when he decamped from the health insurer for the new health care joint venture from Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan – NYTimes

The CFPB has arrived at a settlement with “a collection of Canadian and Maltese companies accused of running an illegal online payday lending scheme” – Law360

Later today, a NY bankruptcy court judge will hear the details of Eddie Lampert’s plea to let him and his ESL Investments continue their attempts to make a future for Sears after its October bankruptcy filing – Bloomberg and Law360

More fun for consulting powerhouse McKinsey, and out of bankruptcy court this time. Recently unsealed documents in a Massachusetts-based lawsuit accuse the company of advising Purdue Pharma on ways to “turbocharge” sales of its OxyContin opioid drug and “how to counter efforts by drug enforcement agents to reduce opioid abuse” – NYTimes  and Law360

Some high-level intervention has apparently prompted yet another shift in Foxconn’s plans for a Wisconsin LCD-manufacturing plant – WSJ

Houston-based (and Venezuela-owned) refiner Citgo Petroleum is scrambling to deny reports that it’s heading toward bankruptcy protection after a Friday Wall Street Journal article that suggested the filing as an option “amid Venezuela’s political power crisis and U.S. sanctions” – Law360

The Journal looks at the privacy cold war between Apple and rivals Facebook and Google that’s turning increasingly hot, especially with Apple temporarily suspending a Facebook app last week intended to deliver access to the downloaders’ entire phones – WSJ [and Law360]

Fascinating piece on the body’s microbial community, including the links between your gut, your brain, and even your behavior—to say nothing of dementia, autism, Parkinson’s, depression and other major disorders – NYTimes


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