Your Daily Dose of Financial News


The longest government shutdown in US history is over.  For now . . . – Law360 and Marketplace

Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn problems now extend to the United States, where the Securities and Exchange Commission has opened a probe into the accuracy of the company’s financial disclosures and internal controls – Bloomberg and NYTimes and WSJ

America’s battle to keep Huawei from building its “next generation computer and phone networks” in the US or in any of its allies is fast becoming a proxy war of sorts for the US’s “new arms race with China” – NYTimes and Bloomberg

Vodafone, for one, is playing along with US efforts – NYTimes

Meanwhile, Canada’s ambassador to China has resigned at the demand of PM Trudeau after a series of controversial remarks that appeared critical of Canada’s arrest of a top Huawei exec at America’s request – Bloomberg

Against all of this backdrop, the US and China are resuming trade talks in Washington later this week – Bloomberg

Also in China, the country’s top securities regulator is out in favor of senior banker Yi Huiman after a flagging market (and a broader economic slowdown) prompted Beijing to shake things up – WSJ and Bloomberg

Audit regulators have found “serious deficiencies” in “nearly half the KPMG LLP audits they scrutinized in their last two years of inspections,” according to reports unsealed late last week that “amounted to a public rebuke” of the Big Four accounting firm – WSJ

BNY Mellon has asked a NY state court for clarity about the interest calculation on certain certificates at issue in a RMBS dispute with investors—current or original – Law360

Growing headwinds aside, the still-strong US economy has meant booming jobs reports and has also helped reopen employment to “America’s hidden workforce”—adults with disabilities – WSJ

Despite promises to keep them all separate, Zuck announced late last week that Facebook is planning to unify the technical structures for Facebook Messenger and its most popular acquisitions—Instagram and WhatsApp, asserting control over “the company’s sprawling divisions at a time when its business has been battered by scandal” – NYTimes and Mashable

Nothing like a trip down the old fossil record to make an animal as odd as the platypus seem downright commonplace.  Say hello to the Eretmorhipis carrolldongi, an extinct marine reptile with a duckbill, stegosaurus-like plated back, a long crocodile tail, paddle-like limbs, and a “tiny head with teeny eyes” – NYTimes