Fortnite Creators Sued for Infringing Rapper’s Dance Moves

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After claiming the most popular video game ever was biting his moves, rapper 2 Milly brought a copyright suit to protect the Milly Rock.

In his complaint, 2 Milly argues Epic Games infringed his copyright in the “Milly Rock” dance craze that has garnered 18 million views on YouTube and has been emulated by celebrities, athletes, and the public since 2014.  See Ferguson v. Epic Games, Inc., 18-cv-10110 (C.D. Cal.).  The federal suit alleges that Epic’s “Fortnite” – which has made more than $1 billion through in-game purchases – offered and sold the dance to gamers as part of their player avatars.  In this way, 2 Milly alleges Epic is wrongfully profiting from the Milly Rock without compensating or even crediting him, unlike others who have obtained licenses to perform his dance.  2 Milly has asserted both direct and contributory copyright infringement claims against Epic, as well as various claims under state law.

Through his suit, 2 Milly is looking to stay the only one to Milly Rock on any block.

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