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PM May will live to fight another day after surviving Wednesday’s no-confidence vote. But her prospects of getting the controversial Brexit plan through the UK parliament are still poor, at best – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and Law360

Even as trade negotiators from the US and China continue their slow work of roughing out a deal to ease trade tensions between the economic powerhouses, yet another complication has arisen—this time in the form of an investigation into the recently revealed Marriott/Starwood data breach that lays blame for the attack at the feet of a state-sponsored Chinese intelligence-gathering effort – NYTimes and Mashable

Apple’s slapping on a belt buckle and doing what it can to stay weird, announcing today that it intends to drop $1 billion on a new campus in North Austin, TX that could eventually employ 15,000 – CNBC and NYTimes and WSJ

As advertised, US banks are enjoying a decidedly lighter touch from the White House and its appointed financial policymakers. The Journal helps us understand what that looks like in practice, a decade removed from the financial crisis – WSJ

The German government is rolling up its sleeves and inserting itself in the middle of Deutsche Bank’s future, “with officials studying ways to make it easier to merge with Commerzbank AG,”—a deal that many German officials believe is necessary to break DB “out of a vicious circle of declining revenue and sticky expenses” – Bloomberg

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority will retry a former UBS compliance officer and her day-trading friend on insider dealing charges after a jury failed to reach a verdict this week after 5 days of deliberations – Law360

Some details here on the 2018 Farm Bill, which overwhelmingly passed the House yesterday and is headed to the White House to be signed into law – Bloomberg

Tencent Music’s pricing plan appeared to work out pretty well, as its stock opened above its IPO price and posted gains for its debut day on the NYSE – WSJ and MarketWatch

The corporate conglomerate of old—let’s take General Electric, for example—may be out of fashion at the moment.  But, cautions Breakingviews, you’d be wrong to bet against diversified enterprises in the long run, as they never really die – NYTimes

Points for creativity and for trolling in the spice aisle.  But seriously, don’t mess with McCormick, especially when it comes to a classic – ThePost


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