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Dealbook takes a look at the difference between investors’ views of tech stocks on the way up vs. the way down. Namely, while tech helped pull all markets to record highs in 2018, their fall has been part of a “broad-based affair” that appears less about correcting a tech bubble and more about questioning “the fundamentals of the United States economy and the continuing profitability of companies of all kinds” – NYTimes

Here’s a broader consideration of what the October rout means for investors of all stripes – WSJ and Bloomberg

As promised, the Fed on Wednesday announced “one of the most significant rollbacks of bank rules” since the White House changed hands in the form of a draft proposal that would loosen capital and liquidity requirements for large (but not the largest) U.S. lenders. More details here – WSJ and Law360 and NYTimes

The SEC also announced this week that it will move to simplify variable annuity and variable life insurance contract disclosures, “shifting toward a more layered approach to disclosure that the agency says is more user-friendly to investors” – Law360

The hits just keep on coming for GE. This time, it was rating agency Moody’s that delivered a blow by lowering its long-term rating on the company to Baa1, or three steps above junk – Bloomberg

Amazon’s big U.S. pay raise kicks in today.  For everyone except its Flex workers, that is – Bloomberg

The UK made big news on Monday with its new plan to tax tech giants, but given a few days to digest it, critics are finding it wanting—in part, due to it being both too soft and its rather protectionist feel – NYTimes

It’s fright week here at the Daily Dose, so here’s a scary thought for you: bitcoin turned 10 yesterday. 10! MarketWatch figured that was the perfect time to revisit all the trash that JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon has talked about the cryptocurrency over the years – MarketWatch

Remember the Fed’s seemingly Sisyphean quest for 2% inflation?  Well, we’re at the magic mark now, and the new challenge for policymakers is keeping it in check—especially as US companies are “raising prices on everything from plane tickets to paint [and] passing on higher costs for fuel, metal and food to their customers after years of low inflation” – WSJ

We’re heading into prime snuggle-up-on-a-nasty-weather-night territory as late fall turns into early winter. Not the worst time, then, for an update of Netflix’s coming and going list – MarketWatch


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