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Demolition of an old house

Honda is joining forces with General Motors in an effort to win the race to develop self-driving cars through a $750 million stake in GM’s Cruise Holdings autonomous vehicle unit. The Japanese carmaker plans to contribute a total of $2 billion to the project in the coming decade – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and Law360

Jonathan Jacobson’s hedge fund Highfields Capital, which has $12.1 billion of assets under its management, announced in a letter to investors yesterday that it’s returning “billions in client money and converting into a family office” – WSJ and Bloomberg

Bloomberg dropped a cybersecurity bomb this morning, reporting that Chinese spies inserted tiny microchips in server motherboards provided by Supermicro to some of the US’s biggest companies—including Amazon, Apple, and nearly 30 other banks and government contractors—that allowed them to “create a stealth doorway into any network that included the altered machines.” Amazon and Apple dispute the story – Bloomberg

EBay is accusing Amazon of illegally trying to poach top sellers off of its marketplace by “exploiting its internal messaging situation,” a ploy that eBay claims it learned of thanks to a tip from one of its sellers who had been contacted by an Amazon rep – NYTimes and WSJ

Marketplace sits down with JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon, the final pre-crisis big-bank CEO left standing, for a conversation about his past, corporate social responsibility, and why cybersecurity keeps him up at night – Marketplace

Struggling bookseller Barnes & Noble is considering putting itself up for sale, with a special committee of its board leading a review of its strategic options – WSJ

A group of 9 teachers, armed with the backing of the American Federation of Teachers and hoping to lead a class of others similarly situated, has sued student loan servicer Navient over allegations that it negligently blocked “their access to a troubled federal loan forgiveness program for public service workers, adding thousands of extra dollars to their debts” – NYTimes and MarketWatch and Law360

The Journal walks us through a straight-from-the-movies plot to steal $500 million from the central bank of Angola that was well on its way until a London HSBC branch teller elevated a suspicious $2 million transfer request to her superiors, eventually exposing the scheme – WSJ

On Tuesday, SDNY Judge Deborah Botts greenlighted class certification for a group of investors accusing Deutsche Bank of misleading them in offerings of preferred securities during the implosion of the US housing bubble, moving past defense arguments that the named plaintiffs and their chosen counsel were flawed – Law360

The Times has looked at the maps (and has them handy for you, too), and it sees a distinct correlation between the 2016 electoral map and the targets of China/EU/Canada/Mexico tariffs – NYTimes

As World Cup qualifying season kicks into high gear, the USWNT is looking to bounce back from its 2016 Rio non-medal effort, and its impressive mix of veterans and young talent should help the effort – WSJ


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