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A surprisingly strong May US jobs report helped propel stocks up on Friday and end a tumultuous week on a high note – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and Reuters

Here’s a deeper dive into the jobs recovery—all 18.9 million jobs the US has gained since the Great Recession (despite fears of a “jobless recovery”) – NYTimes

More fallout from the US’s recent tariff announcement this week, with all six finance ministers of the non-US G-7 nations condemning the “protectionist policies” coming from Washington – WSJ and Bloomberg

$3.3 million for lunch with Mr. Buffett? (That’s a lot of Coke and See’s Candies) – WSJ and Bloomberg

The White House has tapped former Milbank Tweed lawyer Elad Roisman (current chief counsel for Idaho Senator Mike Crapo) for the SEC Commissioner slot set to be vacated by Michael Piwowar in July – Law360

We’ll be keeping an eye on Apple’s WWDC today, where the emphasis on quality is expected to take precedence over any big-ticket new features this year – WSJ

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank revealed this weekend that it will pay $530 million—the “biggest civil penalty in Australian corporate history”—to put an end to a “10-month saga” in which it admitted to more than 53,000 money-laundering law breaches “that allowed drug syndicates to funnel millions of dollars offshore” – Bloomberg

As if traditional brick-and-mortar retail didn’t have it tough enough, keep an eye on the coming boom in smartphone-based e-commerce – Bloomberg

The Journal gives us an inside scoop on a potentially game-changing national referendum set for June 10 in Switzerland. In short, voters will determine “fundamental questions” rooted in the ’08 financial crisis and will “have a chance to blow up one of the foundational features of global finance: the ability of banks to create money with just a few keystrokes” – WSJ

A good chunk of Fortnite’s meteoric rise appears to be attributable to its popularity among gamers of both sexes – Bloomberg

Hulu’s first-ever chief content officer, Joel Stillerman, is out just a year after he left AMC to join the video-streaming website – NYTimes

It’s June, people. Which makes this initially incongruous pairing of books and ice cream just fine by me – NYTimes


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