Your Daily Dose of Financial News

Demolition of an old house

A day of massive lows (opening bell) and impressive rallies (with the dow up 230 by the end of the day) marked a wild Wednesday on Wall Street – WSJ and Bloomberg and MarketWatch

Leaving many to wonder, so, trade war . . . now what? – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and Marketplace

One of the reasons Amazon stock has taken a dive in recent weeks is the White House’s anti-competition saber-rattling. The fact the reaction has been so severe says a lot about how little America’s tech giants have faced competition scrutiny at home. Across the pond, however, is an entirely different story, and EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager is at the heart of it all – WSJ

When he’s facing Congress on the 11th, Big Zuck will undoubtedly have to contend with the uncomfortable reality of facebook’s disclosure of an additional 37 million users whose data was mined by Cambridge Analytica (and that nearly all of its 2 billion users’ info is vulnerable)  – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley have quietly settled a 4-year old put-back dispute over the latter’s alleged practice of packing toxic loans into a $735 million RMBS trust – Law360

Turns out that public Spotify day 2, which saw shares slump as much as 9% at one point, is also raising some questions about “the potential costs of its unorthodox listing process” – WSJ

The FDIC was having none of the defenses offered by major European banks in a UK lawsuit accusing them of rigging Libor – Law360

File this one away for the next financial crisis: the Bank of England’s crunched the numbers and it turns out that central bank corporate bond purchasing did tighten yield spreads as desired.  Aka, it worked.  Keynesians everywhere rejoice – BankUnderground

A few  disastrous bets [think Valeant and Herbalife] and a “wave of redemptions” threatens to put Bill Ackman and his Pershing Square hedge fund in a very unfamiliar place: on the outside looking in – WSJ

The Journal looks at the real target of the airlines’ big move into basic economy: the (largely business) travelers who don’t want it at all – WSJ

The Masters is upon us again, and yesterday, the club not known for its progressive policies made news with the announcement that it will be adding a women’s amateur championship in the days before the 2019 tournament – Golf