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Demolition of an old house

The Journal dropped something of a bomb on Friday with news that Goldman Sachs’ CEO Lloyd Blankfein is heading out the door as soon as the end of the year.  If true, Goldman will likely look for his replacement within its succession plan—that is, with either Harvey Schwartz or David Solomon (current co-presidents) assuming the top spot – WSJ

Though, according to Lloyd, the “if true” part may be most important – Bloomberg

DowDuPont CEO Andrew Liveris, on the other hand, appears to be actually heading out the door and actually doing so next month – WSJ

The Times gives us this feature on Drew Houston, the Dropbox founder poised to take his unicorn public and join the elite group of tech innovators-to-billionaires – NYTimes

Some analysis of Friday’s banner jobs report and the markets’ reaction – Bloomberg

It became that much harder for pharma bro Martin Shkreli to maintain his bad-boy image last week after a New York federal district court judge sentenced him to 7 years in prison for his August 2017 fraud conviction – NYTimes

No surprise here: China’s parliament has officially repealed presidential term limits, allowing President Xi Jinping to transition from two-term leader to ruler-for-life – Bloomberg

Masayoshi Son and his SoftBank empire are looking to “muscle in” on the lucrative PE industry that for decades has been dominated by an elite few (think Blackstone, KKR, and Carlyle) – NYTimes

As bitcoin and other cryptos continue to bounce around in value, consider this endorsement from the Journal’s tech team for the staying power of blockchain – WSJ

Speaking of bitcoin, some Wall Street watchers have found a new role for the cryptocurrency: as canary in the coal mine for traditional equities – WSJ

Bitcoin. Blockchain. Bubble. Still confused by all of this crypto talk? Let’s get basic. John Oliver breaks it all down for us – LastWeekTonight

Unsurprisingly, Wells Fargo’s a big fan of the magistrate judge’s R&R recommending that class action status be denied for the Royal Park-led suit accusing the bank of “bungling its duties as trustee” for two RMBS trusts – Law360

Regular readers will know that while March Madness is just beginning for most, the Daily Dose’s preferred brand of it [that would be the Minnesota state high school hockey tournament] wrapped this weekend. As usual, there’s no more fitting tribute than the 2018 all hockey hair team – GameOn Minnesota