Your Daily Dose of Financial News


Walmart’s shares took a hit yesterday on Q4 results that showed slowing online sales and below-expected earnings despite a rise in revenue – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

Federal Judge Richard Leon dealt a blow on Tuesday to AT&T’s attempt to argue that the government challenged its merger with Time Warner for political reasons by denying AT&T’s request for internal White House discussions on the merger – WSJ and Bloomberg

The Journal on whether we should be happy or concerned about the return of 3% Treasury yields. Short answer: happy for now, at least – WSJ

Meanwhile, the US Treasury dropped $179 billion of mostly  short-term notes, the start of a selling spree will see it auction off 5 and 7-year notes in coming days – Bloomberg

Tax agencies and regulators from around the globe have their eye on HSBC, which could be “hit with fines exceeding $1.5 billion from investigations . . . into allegations of tax evasion and money laundering at its Swiss private-banking subsidiary and other operations” – Law360

The High Court has refused to weigh in on an investor-led fight over the government’s handling of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, likely making it harder for investors to realize gains from the mortgage-finance giants’ “return to profitability” – WSJ and Law360

The UK Parliament’s Treasure Committee pushed past objections from the country’s FCA and published an “in-depth report” that revealed “’systemic’ inappropriate treatment of small and midsized businesses” by RBS’s Global Restructuring Group – Law360

Final Yellen-era Fed minutes drop today – Bloomberg and WSJ

Hedge fund manager Paul Singer wasn’t mincing words when discussing bitcoin in a January letter to clients that went public this week, calling cryptocurrencies “one of the most brilliant scams in history” – MarketWatch

Some supply-chain issues are more dire than others.  Say, for example, a lack of chicken when that’s one of just three letters in your acronym (right, UK KFC)? – NYTimes