Your Daily Dose of Financial News


As we hold our breaths at the opening bell to see if last week’s volatility continues, we consider the impact of computer-driven index funds on that market rollercoaster – NYTimes

The Journal, meanwhile, is wondering whether past market corrections can help us decipher what we can expect next – WSJ

The Uber/Waymo courtroom battle is done (after a mid-trial settlement last Friday that has Dara’s fingerprints all over it), but as the Times sees it, Waymo’s real challenges are just starting – NYTimes

Wells Fargo’s recent struggles now officially extend into the penalty side of the equation, as getting the refund payment program right has been far from smooth – WSJ

Defense contractor General Dynamics will pay just shy of $7 billion to acquire IT company CSRA in a deal expected to close this year – WSJ and MarketWatch

Two Mitsubishi banks will pay roughly $30 million to settle out of investor suits accusing them of rigging Libor – Law360

The ongoing drama over Broadcom’s unwelcome bid for Qualcomm is far from over, but it’s already making many in San Diego—home to Qualcomm and beneficiary of the company’s jobs and corporate philanthropy—more than a bit nervous – NYTimes

In similarly consequential (but less breathlessly covered) news as the Amazon/JPM/Berkshire health care venture, Apple and Cisco announced that they’re teaming with insurers to offer discounted cyberinsurance policies for companies using the tech powerhouses’ products. The move could help mainstream that coverage – Law360

The massive tax overhaul passed late last year is generally viewed as quite favorable to corporations—though that favor doesn’t extend in quite the same way for companies that have engaged in corporate inversion deals in recent years – WSJ

Amazon’s Whole Foods plans are taking definite shape, especially as its Prime 2-hour delivery service goes into effect in Dallas, Austin, Virginia Beach, and Cincinnati – Bloomberg

Bad news for Equifax (and, well, about half of all Americans), with news emerging that hackers accessed more records—including tax ID numbers, driver’s license information, and email addresses—than the company originally disclosed – WSJ

It’s Winter Olympics mania here at the Daily Dose, and we’re all in on Pyeongchang. While hockey’s our ice sport of choice, we’re keeping our eyes on the figure skating competition, and Jason Brown’s done us a nice favor with this handy jumping guide – WSJ