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The latest on the potential Disney move for “significant parts of 21st Century Fox,” which is nearing completion and could see Murdoch scion leaving his father and brother in order to work for Big Mouse – NYTimes

A successful deal may also prompt current Disney CEO Bob Iger to remain in control past his currently planned 2019 retirement date – WSJ [and Bloomberg]

Yet another take on the Fed’s likely rate-hike next week, despite its now-persistent inability to effectively address the problem of low inflationNYTimes

Bitcoin managed two new eye-popping milestones yesterday, blowing past $12,000 to hit $13,000 just hours later, on its way to over $15,000 already this morning – WSJ and Bloomberg

We’ll keep an eye on those figures as the crypto world digests the news that nearly $70 million of bitcoin was stolen from NiceHash, a cryptocurrency-mining service that was hit by a security breach – WSJ

Former VW exec Oliver Schmidt has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for his role in Volkswagen “decade-long scheme to cheat on diesel emissions tests.” The sentence also includes a $400k fine. You’ll recall that Schmidt was seized by US authorities while waiting for a flight in Miami in January after a family vacation – NYTimes and Law360

When I was just a little guy, Cheers was one of the very few TV shows my parents—both teachers—let me watch. Which means it has a special place in my pop-culture heart, and so does this piece exploring the late-first-season episode in which “Cheers became Cheers” – Vulture


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