Your Daily Dose of Financial News


Despite a stronger global economic outlook than we’ve seen in years, the world’s central bankers appear loath to let go of stimulus measures while lower-than-expected inflation bedevils them – WSJ and Bloomberg

It’s a brave new world for mentorships.  Or perhaps more appropriately, a return to an old one, as companies are taking a page from Jack Welch’s 90’s-era GE and implementing reverse mentoring that pairs senior execs with millennials for a crash course in connecting with today’s youth market – NYTimes

Amazon’s charm offensive is out in full force (and given the growing suspicion in America that tech may not be the benevolent force in our life that Silicon Valley suggests, that’s likely no coincidence) – NYTimes

A recap of the Big Bank Q3 numbers out so far – WSJ

SDNY Judge George Daniels is very sure that he won’t reconsider his decision to allow Commerzbank AG to proceed with a handful of its claims against BNY Mellon over alleged misdeeds related to RMBS – Law360

Breakingviews on China’s tightening grip on private investment within its borders even as the government relies on the private sector to keep its growth rate chugging along – NYTimes

On Friday, a federal jury in New York found Level 5 Motorsports driver Scott Tucker and his lawyer Timothy Muir guilty of “operating a $2 billion criminal payday loan empire that preyed on millions of vulnerable borrowers and entered into sham deals with Native American tribes in a cynical effort to evade consumer lawsuits and law enforcement” – Law360

Fintech giant SoFi’s recent troubles at the top have made its plans for a wholly owned bank subsidiary based in Utah untenable – WSJ and Law360

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s long-anticipated Aramco global IPO is also up in the air, as the challenges associated with “untangling the world’s biggest oil company from a royal family that has long used it as a piggy bank” continue to plague the offering process – WSJ

Welcome to Columbus, OH.  Home of the Bluejackets.  And OSU.  And “Test Market USA,” it seems – NYTimes