Your Daily Dose of Financial News


As expected, the Fed left interest rates at current levels yesterday, though it hinted at another December rate hike and officially unveiled the start of its bond wind-down next month – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and MarketWatch

Inflation, by the way, is still mysterious (but we’re apparently not worrying about that) – Bloomberg

The SEC has disclosed that its Edgar corporate filing system was hacked in 2016, exposing public-company information upon which the hackers may have illegally traded – WSJ and Bloomberg and Law360

Toshiba has reached a tentative deal to sell its microchip business to a group of American and Japanese buyers headlined by Bain Capital for roughly $18 billion, perhaps the closing chapter in a drawn-out and sometimes tumultuous bidding process – NYTimes

Newfangled secret messaging apps that offer end-to-end encryption and often allow for self-destructing messages are throwing an old-fashioned wrench into white collar prosecutions that have for years benefited from gigs of electronic data for the alleged wrongdoers – Law360

The lone outsider on Wells Fargo’s board of directors has a rather daunting task: make Wells trusted again – NYTimes

Famed Las Vegas gambler (and friend of Phil the Thrill) Billy Walters will give up more than $25 million of his illegal gains as part of his punishment for insider trading – Bloomberg

The Times’ Brian Chen says that AppleWatch 3 is a pretty good deal even without cellular.  Which is good to hear, given that connectivity appears to be a big problem so far – WSJ

Equifax: still struggling – NYTimes and WSJ

The CFPB has drawn heat for its pennies-on-the-dollar with Wells Fargo over its sham account scandal – Law360

With school starting again, our thoughts may naturally drift back to those carefree days of summer vacation.  The Times goes you one better and looks at what family vacations look like around the globe – NYTimes