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Not everyone (read investors and customers alike) is thrilled with United Technologies’ $23 billion purchase of aerospace industry rival Rockwell Collins – NYTimes and WSJ

The rise of digital play is a big factor behind struggles at Lego, which saw its first revenue decline in 13 years and recently announced plans to lay off 8% of its workforce – WSJ and NYTimes

Dealbook’s Street Scene column suggests that Wells Fargo would do well to forget about perceptions and start getting down to the hard business of fixing the “appalling behavior” that’s behind the ugly series of scandals that has rocked the bank over the past 2 years – NYTimes

The T+2 era officially began this week – WSJ

Streaming device manufacturer Roku has revealed IPO plans in its latest S-1 filing – MarketWatch

A former Morgan Stanley broker and financial adviser has pleaded not guilty to insider trading allegations that the DOJ has levied against 7 people—two of whom have already admitted guilt – Bloomberg

Yes, automation may kill some jobs, the Journal says, but don’t bet against it creating more, better-paying jobs in the process.  The key is that robots don’t simply make the same things more cheaply but tend to help companies offer entirely new, improved products (which brings more hiring) – WSJ

[Russian AI, however, is another matter entirely – Bloomberg]

It’s one of the most storied rivalries in all of sport.  So why not a new high-tech [ahem] wrinkle – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

More on the 40th anniversary of Voyager with this phenomenal oral history of the Golden Records included with Voyagers I and II, including some don’t-miss audio – NewYorker


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