Your Daily Dose of Financial News


Jobs report Friday! Here’s what the insiders were expecting in the numbers – WSJ and Bloomberg

For Wells Fargo, the sham-accounts scandal is the unfortunate gift that just keep on giving – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and Law360

As the scandal grows, WF’s newish CEO, Timothy Sloan, faces the unfortunate reality of being a company man (30-years at Wells) when the foundations of that company are cracking – NYTimes

Law360’s revealing that a DOJ redaction error (concerning the defendant’s confidential UK FCA testimony) is proving to have serious consequences in the government’s effort to convict former Deutsche Bank trader Gavin Black of Libor rigging. More details here – Law360

Harvey’s done more than wreak havoc across a large swath of east Texas and even Louisiana.  As expected, it’s also affected the nation’s refining capabilities and could add as much as 30 cents a gallon to average gas prices across the US – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

A Texas federal judge has invalidated an Obama-era DOL rule that expanded overtime protections to millions of white collar workers – Law360

Richard Cordray and his CFPB has been an early target of the new administration and Congress, but after a few years of tangible recoveries in the billions for millions of consumers, it’s become harder to just wish it away – NYTimes

NY Federal Judge Gregory Woods threw a wrench in plaintiffs’ class cert plans  in their $1.12 billion RMBS suit against BNY Mellon as trustee this week, denying plaintiffs’ motion due to the lack of a explicitly enough defined class – Law360

Some kids are born into sports families.  And then there are Minnesota hockey players.  Who are literally baptized into the game [bonus points for the fishing boat in the background] –

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