Your Daily Dose of Financial News


Q2 saw US growth hit the 3% mark for the first time in two years, besting last quarter’s lackluster showing by almost 2%. The report helped boost stocks across the board – NYTimes and WSJ

The Benchmark/Kalanick feud is heading to arbitration (for now, at least), thanks to a Delaware Chancery Court decision yesterday. The ruling will help Uber (and Kalanick) sort out at least one of its headaches in the relative secrecy of arbitration – NYTimes and Bloomberg

Meanwhile, new chief Dara Khosorowshahi has set out an 18-36 month timeline for a forthcoming Uber IPO – WSJ

Uhhh, about that bitcoin bubble [and complaints] – MarketWatch

We’ve been stressing about the future of the $3.5 trillion repo market for some time now, and the departure of JPMorgan from what’s been just a two-player market (leaving only BNY Mellon) is only heightening concerns about just one bank handling the systematically vital clearing function – WSJ

Breakingviews on the understandability of United Technologies’ play for Rockwell Collins – NYTimes

The EEOC has sued Estee Lauder for allegedly violating the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act for giving male employees fewer weeks of parental leave than female employees – WSJ

The DOL has confirmed plans to further roll back the fiduciary rule’s final compliance deadline to July 2019, only increasing speculation that revision or repeal is the next obvious step – WSJ and Law360

Ever feel like the rise of tech has killed your attention span? You’re not alone, and you’re not crazy, either. For proof, look no further than the debut of the 6-second TV commercial, which Fox plans to introduce to its football broadcasts this fall – NYTimes

I’m a sucker for a good throw back and a nerd for space.  This look at 40 years of Voyager hits a sweet spot for both – NYTimes