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Jobs report Friday! Here are your obligatory five things to keep in mind as you peruse the numbers – WSJ

Warren’s in a buying mood, as Berkshire Hathaway closes in on a deal to buy electric-grid giant Oncor for more than $17.5 billion – WSJ

And speaking of buying, speculation on the street is that Amazon is considering a bid for Dish Network with thoughts of IoT or wireless synergy getting many people excited about such a deal – WSJ

Sham-wow, anyone?  QVC and Home Shopping Network have announced merger plans worth $2.1 billion – NYTimes

Tesla’s rise to the top of the US car heap in terms of market value raised a lot of eyebrows a few months ago. GM bumped it back down yesterday, but its three months as #1 marked what felt like a serious shift in the auto industryNYTimes and Bloomberg

Thrivent’s looking to capitalize on the DOL’s about-face on the class action rule – Law360

Yet another in a string of recent pieces lamenting the state of the once-almighty Big Food industry in the US, with consumers increasingly choosing fresher and less-processed items – WSJ

We’re a full week into the cyberattack that seemed to primarily target Ukraine, and the full reach of the Nyetya attacks is slowly revealing itself—affecting hospitals, law firms, and international conglomerates in the US and throughout the rest of the world – NYTimes

Which has insurers, among others, sweating the next big one – Bloomberg

Rosemont, Illinois, has a Cinderella story coming its way.  So it’s got that going for it. . . which is nice – Mashable

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