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Even as the administration is mulling over withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, Exxon Mobil’s shareholders have voted to demand a more detailed accounting of the climate change policy risks facing the company—an analysis the energy giant has resisted in years past – NYTimes

Another executive departure (this time, the finance chief). A quarterly loss of $708 million.  An ongoing battle with Google.  These are not salad days for Uber – WSJ and Bloomberg

Morgan Stanley’s expecting a drop-off in trading that will rival JPMorgan and BofA’s new normal – Bloomberg

Ireland’s planning to sell 25% of the nationalized Allied Irish Banks, and the big question buzzing around the IPO is “whether the Irish government can persuade investors to pay more than book value for a bank that is still a work in progress” – NYTimes and Law360

Turns out Goldman wasn’t alone in snapping up Venezuelan bonds. Nomura managed to take home about $100 million worth (for a song, by the way, paying just $30 million for that haul) – WSJ

PPG’s apparently finished tilting at Akzo Nobel windmillsNYTimes and WSJ

A surprising turn of events in the long-running Madoff saga pits the mastermind against the trustee over the Ponzi scheme timeline – Law360

We’ve been tracking Bitcoin’s meteoric rise over the past year. But lest you think that it’s all gravy, know that ethereum is on track to supplant Bitcoin as the world’s top cryptocurrency by the end of 2018 – Bloomberg

China’s making a big move into cybersecurity regulation, and foreign firms are left with lots of questions—not the least of which is “what exactly does the law say?” – NYTimes

Alphabet’s giving the art world the old Google Maps treatment. The Guggenheim, you say?  Done.  A little Turner?  Done and done. Enjoy – Google

No word on how they handle “cheesehead” – CBSNews

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