Your Daily Dose of Financial News


So what happens when traders attempt to manipulate the index that’s meant to measure fear in the stock market itself? Well, we might just be finding out. Two UT Austin researchers think that we’re seeing efforts to mess with the value of VIX derivatives—a troubling accusation (and a controversial one, at that) – WSJ

More on Saudi Arabia’s $20 billion investment into Blackstone’s US infrastructure project, a deal we noted here earlier this week – NYTimes and Bloomberg

And while we’re talking Saudi, the Journal has a good look at why the Aramco IPO is such a hard sell for a kingdom so intertwined with the oil company and its “gargantuan cash flow” – WSJ

One of the side effects of the rise of the Quants—the decline of the once ubiquitous “college jock” on Wall Street – WSJ

VW? Check. Fiat Chrysler? Check. General Motors? Well, if a new lawsuit in Seattle is to be believed, then we’ve got a new emissions cheating scandal on our hands – NYTimes

Having vanquished Arconic, Elliott Management’s turning its sights to BHP Billiton and the mining giant’s future in the oil-and-gas business – WSJ

Best Buy posted a “slight increase” in quarterly revenue yesterday and showed strong online performance, both of which sent shares up over 20% in late trading – WSJ

Zuck’s mixing it up with the hoi polloi.  Not everyone’s thrilled – NYTimes

Streetwise talks gold, global trade, and geopolitics in its latest entry – WSJ

A Chinese startup is promoting urban farms and crop labs as a solution for the country’s booming population despite serious pollution challenges – Bloomberg

On the road this holiday weekend? Here are some travel tips from a  guy that looks like a grown-up version of Mike TeaVee.  Because why not – Bloomberg

Have a great Memorial Day.  We’ll see you back here on Tuesday.