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The Journal gives us a front-page-worthy story on the conflict of interest arising as Wall Street analysts are increasingly gaining special access to companies for their clients with “buy” recommendations for the companies’ stock – WSJ

We learned about Navient and its allegedly trouble-filled student-loan servicing practices yesterday.  Turns out the issues are not only long-standing, but they bear similarities to the mortgage-lending issues that were at the heart of the last financial crisis – NYTimes

At least student loans aren’t a massive and growing crisis in our country.  Oh wait – WSJ

In China, it’s the junk bond market that’s threatening to blow thanks to a surge in defaults – Bloomberg

Go ahead and quibble about policies and politics, says Streetwise, but good luck disputing the stock market legacy of the outgoing administration – WSJ

Despite recent economic forecasts showing continuing US growth, Chair  Yellen argued yesterday that the Fed  wasn’t behind the inflation curve and should therefore move gradually on rate increases in the coming year – Bloomberg

Citigroup has agreed to pay $25 million to settle CFTC accusations over 2011-12 spoofing  – WSJ and Law360

Despite recent big-ticket settlements, the RMBS-related fun may not be over for the big three rating agencies for their alleged role in the 2008 financial crisis – Law360

The picture alone with this article says it all for me.  See if you agree.  E-sports for the Big 10?  Say it ain’t so – NYTimes

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