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What the uncertainty that defines nearly all aspects of the incoming administration means for the Fed (aka, which promises were real?) – NYTimes

The bond market seems to have a pretty good guess of things to come, at least. The bond market lost more than $1 trillion in value last week, and 30-year US bond yields rose the most since January 2009—all in anticipation of “fiscal expansion and inflationary policy” – Bloomberg

Korean giant Samsung has reached an $8 billion deal to buy Harman International—an American auto tech company – NYTimes and WSJ

A major side-effect of the years of low interest rates intended by central bankers to revive struggling economies: pension shortfalls—especially government-run pension funds that are facing deep holes after “decades of underfunding, benefit overpromises, government austerity measures and two recessions” – WSJ

Wells Fargo whistleblowers are asking the 2d Circuit for a second crack at their False Claims Act suit against WF in light of the Supreme Court’s June Universal Health Services ruling that did away with the primary case upon which the 2d Circuit relied to affirm the dismissal of the FCA action the first time around – Law360

More on what may be in store for the ATT/Time Warner deal (and other biggies). Again, the operative word is “may” – NYTimes

An interesting look at how big data is helping the SEC define “suitability” for the purposes of modern-day enforcement actions – Law360

It may not be in the same league as your SSN, but growing volume of information linked to your cell phone number has made it a very valuable set of 10 digits – NYTimes

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