Your Daily Dose of Financial News


The Supreme Court, still plugging along with just 8 Justices, heard arguments yesterday on its first insider-trading case in two decades – NYTimes and WSJ and Law360

Theranos is “retreating” from its blood tests, cutting its workforce by 40 percent, and shuttering facilities—all signs that Elizabeth Holmes’ company may be shifting to developing products to sell to outside labs rather than pursuing its own blood testing ambitions – WSJ and Bloomberg

Paul Singer’s Elliott Management hedge fund has set its activist sights on South Korea’s Samsung conglomerate—a “chaebol” run by the powerful Lee family dynasty – NYTimes and WSJ

NYSE regulators have opened a probe into the Monday decisions of an IMC market maker (charged with helping stocks trade in an orderly fashion, especially during special events) based on the wild ride of Versum Materials shares that day – WSJ

The IMF didn’t name names in its official report on financial stability risks worldwide, but its officials had no problem putting Deutsche Bank on blast in the news conference held to discuss the study’s findings – NYTimes

A photographic display from the Times on the almost incomprehensible scale of the US’s industrialized food system – NYTimes

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