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We heard last week about Unilever’s $1 billion acquisition of start-up Dollar Shave Club. With a few days to reflect, the Deal Professor suggests that this relatively innocuous deal should make “every other company . . . very afraid”—as the deal shows that “no company is safe from the creative destruction brought by technological change” – NYTimes

More clean-up from the Yahoo/Verizon deal – NYTimes

Including thoughts on a next gig for Marissa Mayer – WSJ

Analog Devices—a tech provider for the industrial, automotive, and communications industries—has acquired Linear Technologies for $14.8 billion, “accelerating the already brisk consolidation within the semiconductor sector” – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

State Street Bank has agreed to $530 million to resolve allegations by federal and state officials that it overcharged clients on foreign currency transactions – WSJ and Law360

It would appear that Big Brother is alive and well at Bridgewater Associates (the world’s largest hedge fund) – NYTimes

Private Equity firm Primus Pacific Partners has sued Goldman Sachs for $510 million over alleged fraud related to 1MDB in Malaysia – Law360

Fiat Chrysler, under investigation by the SEC over allegedly inflated sales figures, has refused to admit wrongdoing but is nevertheless revising those figures to account for sales that didn’t actually through – NYTimes and Bloomberg

BNY Mellon is employing an interesting tack to defeat derivative claims over its Forex practices, essentially arguing that it conducted an internal investigation a few years ago that found no wrongdoing and so, you know, just trust it – Law360

Facebook’s new role: landlord? – WSJ and Marketplace

Come for Colbert reprising his Hungry for Power Games role of Julius Flickerman, but seriously, you gotta stay for his [myriad] attempts to take the DNC podium – Late Show


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