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A federal jury in Manhattan yesterday deliberated for over 8 hours before returning a guilty verdict on conspiracy and wire fraud charges against former Rabobank personnel Anthony Allen and Anthony Conti for their role in rigging Libor. The duo will be sentenced in March and face significant prison time – Law360 and NYTimes and WSJ

Law360’s all over it, suggesting that the win (along with this week’s victory in the Chicago spoofing trial of Michael Coscia) will embolden the DOJ to pursue “individuals accused of financial misconduct” and offering up a Top 10 list of moments from the trial – Law360

Today’s jobs report for October is viewed as all-the-more important to the extent it guides the Fed’s 2015 liftoff decision. Here’s what the Journal was keeping an eye on – WSJ

With its markets stabilizing, China’s announced that it intends to lift its moratorium on IPOs by the end of the year – NYTimes and WSJ

Though in the works for years and agreed upon by the negotiating parties some months ago, the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal officially emerged  only yesterday.  Among the details the Treasury Department is touting is the promise by the 12 signatories “not to manipulate their currencies for trade advantage”—a contentious issue for many opponents of the deal—and tougher-than-expected financial regulations – Law360 and NYTimes

Breakingviews suggests that the Staley-helmed Barclays should take a page from HSBC’s book and consider a HQ move out of London – NYTimes

Lots of financial industries intrigue tucked into the $325 billion highway funding bill that the House passed yesterday, including the reauthorization of the US Export-Import Bank. More details here – Law360

NY’s Attorney General has Exxon Mobil in his sights over allegations that the company “lied to the public about the risks of climate change or to investors about how such risks might hurt the oil business” – NYTimes and Bloomberg

Toys are serious business at the Strong – NYTimes

Hard to get more Bryan Garner than this pronunciation quiz, featuring explanation from Charles Harrington Elster’s “Big Book of Beastly Mispronunciations,” which raises the age-old question, If you’re the only one pronouncing a word “correctly,” are you the only one for a reason? – ABA Journal


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