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The Fed’s anticipating faster growth in the coming year and rate increases to go with it. That and a whole lot of uncertainty about the incoming administration are the big takeaways from the Fed’s December meeting minutes – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

2016 was an historically bad year for IPOs, itself a contributing factor to the broader trend of companies shunning public markets. Such moves have left the US “de-equitized, putting some of the best investing prospects out of the reach of ordinary Americans” – WSJ

The Times’ tech columnist explains why he’s dubbed Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Alphabet the “Frightful Five”—and why governments around the world are worried about these tech powerhouses, too – NYTimes

Former Barclays and BNP Paribas trader Jason Katz pleaded guilty yesterday to federal Forex manipulation charges—the first accused to admit to such wrongdoing – NYTimes and WSJ and Law360

Expect a markedly different SEC under a Chair ClaytonWSJ and Law360

This may raise a few eyebrows.  Deutsche Bank is reportedly considering lending money to PE firms and hedge funds (which specialize in buying bad mortgages from gov’t auctions and lowering consumers obligations) as an alternative to buying soured mortgages itself to partially forgive – Bloomberg

A look, courtesy of CES, of the wild and wacky (and winners) from the world of tech in the coming year – WSJ

New year, new itch to see the world?  Or maybe just a desire to escape another week of below-zero temps [which may be more of a local problem]?  The Times has 50+ ideas and the images that will inspire you to get there – NYTimes

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